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How to Select a Weather Station

Not sure which is the right weather station for your needs? Here are some really simple tips to help you choose the best model.

First up, make sure you chose a reputable brand that has a warranty and local support. We stock La Crosse, Davis, Tesa, Eplore Scientific and Oregon Scientific as they all offer this.

Next, temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed/direction, and barometric pressure are the major weather related variables so you need to decide which of these you want to measure, how you want to capture the information and how much you want to pay for it.

At the simplest level, if you just want a temperature/humidity unit then there are lots to choose from. These are inexpensive units
If you want a station that will forecast upcoming weather patterns you will need a station able to read changes in barometric pressure.

For rainfall you can use a wireless unit with a self emptying gauge.
For wind speed, these are also available as hand held units. These are great for recreational use or where wind speed is a critical part of your business.
If you want to measure all of these variables then you are looking for a full weather station. Almost all of these are wireless and will come with the ability to read temperature/humidity (inside and outside), rainfall, wind speed/direction, barometric pressure and have the ability to store some data in the monitor so you can retrieve it later e.g. rainfall in the last week.

If you require more comprehensive data logging and the ability to upload the information to either a computer or website, this can also be achieved with some models but increased cost and are called WiFi enabled.

Some models will have additional features such as sunrise/sunset, UV, alarms when certain conditions are met.

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